2006 Ford Mustang

  • 2006 Ford Mustang

    Ford Mustang
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    • Verified complaint, connected vehicle to Ford Digital Assistant & performed diagnostic. Found the following results Battery tested 10.7 volts, 110 CCA (rated 600 CCA), dead cell, replace Starter tested 10.95 volts when connected to battery jumper & started (normal, OK) Alternator measured 11.25 volts no-load (minimum 13.95 volts required, alternator not charging) Called, advised customer & authorized repair. Released belt tension to remove drive belt. Removed alternator battery cable & pick-up wire. Removed alternator from vehicle & installed new unit. Reassembled. Removed battery & installed replacement battery. Road tested, vehicle started on its own power, charging at 14.3 volts, operating as designed.
    • Front tires set to 35 PSI, rear tires set to 35 PSI.
    Rob S. gave our service a 5 star review on 10/25/2023


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