2006 Mercedes-Benz ML500

  • 2006 Mercedes-Benz ML500

    Mercedes-Benz ML500
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    • Road tested & verified complaint, found noise coming from water pump / idler pulley area of engine. Removed drive belt & verified no noise. Removed idler pulley & installed drive belt, noise came back. Examined drive system, found noise due to failing water pump bearing causing impeller to rub against water pump body. Called, advised customer & authorized repair on 5/17/2022 @ 9:53 AM for $ 995. Drained coolant, disconnected & removed electric fan to remove upper & lower radiator hoses. Removed thermostat to remove & replace water pump. Cleaned area & reassembled with new idler pulley, thermostat, & drive belt as part of & included with repairs. Bleed cooling system & road tested. Verified no leaks, no more noises. Corrected coolant level, vehicle operating as designed.
    • Front tires set to 32 PSI, rear tires set to 39 PSI.
    Richard & Becky J. gave our service a 5 star review on 5/19/2022


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