2014 Ford Fusion

  • 2014 Ford Fusion

    Ford Fusion
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    • Verified complaint, tested vehicle battery & found the following results: Battery tested 12.1 volts, 325 CCA (rated 450 CCA) (recharge & retest) Connected vehicle to jump starter & attempted to start, vehicle starter clicks but no-start. Examined hybrid battery main fuse, found minimum corrosion at terminal ends. Cleaned off corrosion & checked vehicle main grounds for continuity. Found corrosion at main engine ground from hybrid battery to chassis. Removed ground strap & cleaned off corrosion. Removed battery terminals & cleaned corrosion. Attempted to start vehicle (started properly). Called, advised customer & authorized repairs on 3/25/2024 @ 9:48 AM for additional $ 95. Removed ground straps for engine, hybrid, main battery, and body electrical (all tied to chassis). Cleaned off electrical contacts of corrosion & reassembled with dielectric grease terminal protectant. Connected vehicle to Ford Digital Assistant to perform diagnostic, found stored fault codes for low vehicle voltage at battery control module but nothing current. Cleared fault codes & reset vehicle adaptations. Road tested vehicle from mileage 172,001 to 172,011, operating through 2 cold-to-hot drive cycles. Vehicle now starts & operates as designed.
    Jorge M. gave our service a 5 star review on 3/26/2024


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